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Additional Dwelling House?

In order to develop an additional dwelling-house (garden flat, granny flat, etc.) on your property, you, as the property own must apply to the City of Tshwane for permission in terms of Clause 16(10) of the Tshwane Town Planning Scheme, 2008 (2014).

Should you be interested in purchasing a property with two dwellings on a single erf, it is of your own interest to ensure that the necessary permission was obtained by the current owner for the additional dwelling-house. In order to verify if permission for the additional dwelling-house was provided by the local council, the Zoning Certificate should be obtained. The approval for an additional dwelling-house issued by the municipality will be attached as an Annexure of the Zoning Certificate.

Should there be no approval documented for the 2nd dwelling-house, it is safe to also assume that the building plans of the property is not up to date because the building plans for the second dwelling-house cannot be approved by the Building Control Officer without the permission issued by the City Planning and Development Division.

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