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Building Controls?

The term “Zoning” refers to more than mere the usage rights on a property i.e. business, residential etc, but also building controls.

The building controls applicable to a specific property is specified in a property’s Zoning Certificate, and relates to:

  • Minimum erf size: to avoid a specific property, usually in an established neigbourhood, to be subdivided into smaller portions, i.e. 700 m² (should a 1 200 m² property be subdivided into two 600 m² full title property’s, a rezoning will be required to amend the minimum erf size).

  • Units per hectare/density: limiting the number of units that can be developed on a single property, i.e. 35 units/ha (thus, only 4 sectional title units can be developed on a 1 200 m² property)

  • Coverage: limiting the footprint of a building and out-buildings in relation to the size of the property, i.e. 30% (thus, a building footprint of 360 m² is allowed on a 1 200 m² property)

  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR): limiting the total size of the building, i.e. 0.8 FAR (the size of a building with multiple storeys on a 1 200 m² cannot exceed 960 m²)

  • Height: limiting the height of a building, i.e. 2 storey’s or 10 m.

  • Building lines: specifying the building restriction areas of a property, i.e. street boundary: 5 m and other boundaries: 2 m.

  • Parking: specifying the number of parking that should be provided for a specific development and use, i.e. 4 parking bays per 100 m² of office space (thus, should a building of 960 m² be used as an office building, 38 parking bays with sufficient maneuvering space must be provided on the property.

Should you be unsure as to whether or not the structure(s) on your property complies with the specific building controls, or if you would like to determine the maximum development you can achieve without the need for rezoning, kindly contact us at or 086 006 1062.

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