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Minimum Erf Size?

Some “Residential 1” zoned properties are subject to a “minimum erf size” which prohibits the subdivision of a property without formal approval of the municipality. A “minimum erf size” condition is generally applied to an entire township (or “neighbourhood”) to avoid densification and strain on the municipal service infrastructure (water, electricity, sanitation and roads).

To change the minimum erf size of a property to allow for the subdi

vision of the property into two or more full title properties, a rezoning process should be followed to change the building controls. Thus, for instance, application will be made to chan

ge the land use rights from “Residential 1 with a minimum erf size of 700 m²” to “Residential 1 with a minimum erf size of 500 m²”. The use (residential) of the property will remain the same, but the allowable rights will change.

Every property that is rezoned is subject to “bulk service contributions”. More information regarding bulk contributions will be posted next week.

To determine your property’s minimum erf size and whether you will be able to subdivide your property contact us at or 082 886 4709.

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