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Previously Approved Building Plans

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As a homeowner, you are responsible to ensure that your property’s building plans are up to date and approved by the relevant City Council and (if applicable) Homeowners Association.

As a prospective purchaser, it would be wise to ensure that you obtain the approved building plans from the seller as it is not a legal requirement in Gauteng, for the seller (or Agent) to provide the approved building plans to the purchaser during the property registration process.

Should you be in the process of selling your property, or if you are considering purchasing a property it is important to ensure that the property is compliant from a legal perspective.

iCompli2sell provides a Legal Property Compliance Vetting service for R 2 500.00* to investigate the legal status of a property to ensure that the building plans are up to date, the zoning of the property is correct and that the as-built structures do not encroach over any servitudes or building restriction areas. We will assist any owner or prospective purchaser to identify non-compliance issues and make recommendations on how to address these issues to ensure that the property is compliant.

Contact us at or 082 886 4709 to conduct a Property Compliance Vetting on your property.

* T&Cs apply

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