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What is a SDP?

We are frequently asked by property owners and Real Estate Agents: “what is a Site Development Plan”?

A Site Development Plan, or commonly known as a SDP, is a detailed site plan of a property outlining the proposed (or existing) development and confirming that is in line with the zoning and relevant building control’s and regulations of the property. The purpose of a SDP is to address elements such as building location and size, vehicle circulation, parking, landscaping, open space and building materials.

A Site Development Plan is required for commercial, office, retail and industrial developments as well as residential developments (only in case of multiple dwellings on a single erf, and not in case of a single dwelling).

The site development plan must be approved on the aforementioned developments before building plans can be approved.

Should you be uncertain as to whether or not you will be required to update the approved SDP to correctly reflect the as-built structures, kindly contact icompli2sell at or 086 006 1062 to do a complete legal property compliance vetting.

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