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What is a "Town Planning Scheme"?

A land use scheme or town planning scheme is a tool used by municipalities to guide and manage development according to the vision, strategies and policies of the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) to promote sustainable development and quality of life within municipal boundaries.

A municipality’s town planning scheme contains (but is not limited to) the following property information:

  • Zoning (land use rights)

  • Building controls (minimum erf size, coverage, floor area ratio, height, density, consent use, building lines, parking, etc.)

  • Consent and permission application processes

  • Development conditions

Town planning schemes govern the physical development and use of land of each individual property – thus, two adjacent properties with the same zoning do not necessarily have the same building controls.

To determine your property’s rights in terms of the town planning scheme contact us at or 082 886 4709

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