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What is SPLUMA?

SPLUMA, the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, is a national law passed in 2013. It acts as a guide and framework that governs:

  • Planning permissions and approvals;

  • Sets parameters for new developments; and

  • Provides for different land uses in South Africa.

SPLUMA provides clarity on how planning law interacts with other laws and policies.

The act is important because it repeals many of the apartheid era laws which has left our planning laws fragmented, complicated and inconsistent. Thus, the purpose of the law is to develop a ‘uniform, effective and comprehensive system’ of planning that ‘promotes social and economic inclusion’.

SPLUMA also requires that each local municipality must adopt a Land Use Management by-law to govern land use planning that is in line with the National Regulations and Frameworks. Each municipality’s by-laws prescribe how land use applications and appeals should be dealt with.

Should you have any questions regarding SPLUMA, contact us at or 082 886 4709.

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