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We strive to ease the burden on both the seller and the purchaser when a property is sold privately or through a real estate agency.

Many property transactions usually either fail, are delayed or even end up in litigation, due to non-compliance issues.
We undertake to thoroughly investigate each case, based on its merits and assist the seller with compliance.

Property Compliance Vetting

Sourcing of:

  • Building Plans (if available)

  • Zoning Certificates

  • Title Deeds 

  • SG Diagrams

Property inspection

List non-compliance issues


Cost estimate

Property Compliance Consulting Services

Acceptance of cost estimate in the Property Vetting Report:

  • Obtain a quote from the service provider(s).

  • Negotiate prices and facilitate the appointment of the professionals

  • Liaise and co-ordinate with the local authority and professionals

  • Follow up and gather any reports and/or documentation necessary to complete the process as quickly as possible

  • Facilitate process to obtain the necessary approvals

  • Obtain compliance certificates (electric, electric fence, gas, plumbing, etc.)

Bridging Finance

In circumstances where the Property Vetting Report indicates that certain compliance issues need to be addressed and the owner is willing to accept the iCompli2sell cost quotation, but does not have the funds to pay for these services, iCompli2sell can be approached to assist the owner to obtain bridging finance through Bridgeprop Trust.

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